Fitness wrapping

Metabolism stimulating seaweed gel together with salt and seaweed saturated dressing extract clinkers as well as providing skin with mineral substance and microelements at the same time. Body will look more resilient and slim.

This treatment descended from the USA. By wrapping body, skin performs natural detoxication. It is important for skin to eliminate remnants of metabolism, but due to air polution, improper nutrition, lifestyle and stress our bodies are tend to have high acidity. Consequences are – deranged circulation, slow metabolism, weary and droopy skin, cellulite. BIODROGA has created product fitness wrapping to eliminate these symptoms.

FITNESS wrapping:
• Detoxicates tissue
• Keeps Ph balance
• Makes skin resilient after giving birth or losing weight
• Eliminates scars and stretch marks
• Stimulates mikrocirculiation and lymph flow
• Activates metabolizm
• Reduces fluid accumulation
• Soothes problem skin
• Puts a stop to cellulite
• Helps while on a diet

If you are really interested, try this treatment out and you will experience a great difference with your whole body. BIODROGA Fitness wrapping cannot be performed under such circumstances: pregnancy, open wounds, eczema, fever, problems with vains, possibility of thrombosis, claustrofobia, kidney insufficiency / thyroid disorder, metabolism disorder, e.g. diabetes, menstrual period, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart and blood-vessel disorder.

Recommended treatment course - 3 treatments (once a week) twice a year.

Price: 58€