Anti Age Cell treatment

Stem cells are primary human cells. They are a source of our existence and development. Stem cells are essential for continuous renewal processes of our body. They are characterised by the ability to renew themselves through mitotic cell division. The human body replaces used cells by new ones. Skin stem cells are responsible for epidermis structure and development. Unfortunately, the ability to renew is reduced by ageing. The skin becomes thinner and wrinkles appear. The ageing skin loses its ability to restore elasticity, firmness and maintain moisture.

The exclusively valuable ingredient is PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica. This plant extract derived from a very rare apple species contains exclusively high content of stem cells in addition to nutrients and proteins.

A combination of anti-ageing products and three different massaging techniques ensures excellent skin condition. Active ingredients were selected so as to act as a kind of youth elixir. The effect is even more enhanced by a firming mask. ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE slows down skin ageing and simultaneously helps to relax. The effect is enhanced by the deeper tissues massage “VITALIS”. The massage is followed by a pleasantly relaxing “EFFLEURAGE” massage.

Treatment effect:
Smoother skin
Relaxed and softer face contours
Revitalised and radiant skin
Firmed contours, toned skin
Reduces shallow wrinkles
Visible effect lasts the next day

Smooth and radiant skin, reduced wrinkles, firmer face contours.

Treatment duration: 90 min.
Price: 44€