Men Vitality Treatment

New energy and refreshing relaxation with intensive pampering care – for a dynamic and more vital look. Experience memorable moments of well-being and harmony with our Wellness Treatments especially for the needs of the well-groomed man.
Vitalizes Men’s skin
Thoroughly clerifies and cleanses skin
Relaxes the masculature
Conditions and moisturizes male skin
Assures a fresh, revitalized and relaxed look
Delivevers targetes response for men’s skin needs.

Result: Vital, balanced and fresh skin

Treatment sequence: The treatment begins with a short back massage. Then the skin is cleansed with Men Sensation face wash gel with peeling efect. If needed in-depth skin clensing is performed. Moisturizing concentrate and collagen mask is aplied. After mask is removed, massage follows. Men Sensation Day and Night moisturizing fluid is applied as concluding care.

Treatment duration: 90 min.
Price: 44€